Kevin Rafferty is the co-author of the ASHRAE publication, Ground-Source Heat Pumps - Design of Geothermal Systems for Commercial and Institutional Buildings, the Geothermal Handbook Chapter and author of numerous papers and articles on geothermal direct use and GSHP systems. He is past chair of the Geothermal Interest Group of the National Ground Water Association and recipient of the US Department of Energy's "Ring of Fire" award for service to the geothermal industry.

Kevin Rafferty
PE, Consulting Engineer

10th Anniversary Addition

First released in 2001, the ‘Geothermal Survival Kit’ was updated in 2008.  It’s a foundational document and a great entry point into the geothermal industry, so we asked Kevin to expand and revise the document in 2011, on the tenth anniversary of the original publication.

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Learn Geothermal Basics
How geothermal heat pump systems works, the different types of systems and why they're so efficient

Get into Advanced Topics

How do geothermal heat pumps work?  Should I go with a closed or open loop system?  How much does it cost?

What's new in the latest Version?

Details about state and federal incentives, expanded discussion on the closed v. open loop debate, updated AHRI data, along with dozens of small updates and improvements.

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